The Director of “Battle for Sevastopol” will remove the Chinese blockbuster

Shanghai Jan Bakana Fund and the Russian movie company “New people” have signed an agreement to start the production of a feature film documenting the life and work of the legendary spy of Jan Bakana.

The scale of the individual Bahana recognized as a national hero people’s Republic of China, is impressive. It was he who in 1941, were declassified and handed over to the Soviet government with information about Hitler’s plan “Barbarossa”, and in 1945, thanks to his reports, the Red Army

38-th Moscow international film festival opened a new work of Sergey Solovyov

Thursday June 23 at the theatre centre “Russia” solemn ceremony of opening of the annual Moscow international film festival. The permanent absence of the President and “owner” of the festival
Nikita Mikhalkov compensated for leading the event
Anna Chipovskaya.

Among the guests who passed on the red carpet, was spotted by well-known politicians, officials and stars: the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, the capital’s mayor Sergei Sobyanin, Vladimir Zhirinovsky,

Named the first members of the jury of the festival

The names of the Chairman and some members of the jury of the basic competition of the Moscow international film festival (MIFF). So, will head the team of judges Bulgarian Director Ivaylo Hristov. Along with him the best films of the competition will choose the German Director Ulrike Ottinger and Indian producer Randhir

Terrence Malick will shoot a film about blessed Franz Gerstetter

Terrence Malick planned to move to the big screen the story of the Austrian Franz Gerstetter, who was executed in 1943 for refusing to fight for the Wehrmacht. The main role in the project
Radegund” (Radegund), the name of the native village of Gerstetter, will perform the German
August Diehl (”
Inglourious Basterds”).

Gerstetter, openly opposed the German occupiers: voted against the Anschluss (the only among residents Radegunda), refused to receive the benefit of

HBO has closed a “Vinyl”

HBO still closed suffering”
Vinyl“, repealing
previously, the renewal for a second season and not getting dividends from forced
change of show-run after the departure of show’s Creator
Terence Winter.

The new program Director of channel Casey Bloyce, who succeeded the great Michael Lombardo, made the decision not to bother with the bulky, very expensive show, which required a major overhaul after it failed in terms of ratings of the first season. According to rumors, HBO has spent on

Rock-n-roll is alive!

HBO officially renewed for a second season of its new series “Vinyl” — launched on Sunday, rock-and-roll drama from the Creator of “boardwalk Empire” by Terence winter, Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger.

The decision on the second season definitely was made before the broadcast of Sunday’s two-hour pilot staged by Scorsese. One of the crucial facts (in addition to the undoubted artistic merits), most likely, was formed after the end of the Newsroom,” “boardwalk Empire” and failed

The series “Vinyl” has lost its Creator

Terence winter leaves they invented rock-and-roll drama “Vinyl” because of disagreements with the management of HBO, the sources of the website Deadline. The project comes into power writers Scott Z. burns’ (the author soderberghs “Infection”, “Informant” and a “Side effect” received the key post of show-run) and max Borenstein (“Godzilla” series “dissenting opinion”).

His decision HBO explains in a press release by the desire to steer the show in the second season under the

Emma stone and Alicia Vikander will play Agatha Christie

Hollywood major studios Sony and Paramount, not saying a word, I simultaneously launched the development of a biographical project about a young “Queen of detective story”
Agatha Christie, the website
The Hollywood Reporter. Sony will remove the”
Agatha Christie” (Agatha Christie)
Alicia Vikanderin”
Agatha” (Agatha) the Paramount is counting on
Emma Stone.

In the interpretation Vikander writer will protofeminist, not wanting to put up with the standard role of wives and

Tom hardy will play the legendary British photographer

Tom hardy will play the classic war photojournalism Dona Macalline in the film adaptation of his memoirs”
Imprudent behavior” (Unreasonable Behaviour), report the sources of the website
Deadline. The project is run by the British film company Working Title, which released last year’s gangster drama with hardy.”
The legend.”

Don McCallin is an ideal figure for the heroic biopic. Having survived a impoverished childhood in London during the Second World war, Maccollin enlisted in

Darth Vader will return in the spin-off of “Star wars,” Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards confirmed the presence of the iconic villain
Darth Vader in”
Rogue-One. Star Wars: History“. Information was published by the journal
Entertainment Weekly in an exclusive material on the first of three planned spin-offs of the renewed franchise.

The film, which opens in cinemas in December this year, revolves around the treacherous operations of the insurgents in the theft of the blueprints to the death Star”. The events of the film occur in the time interval