Steven Soderbergh reveals the “Panamanian securities”

Steven Soderbergh is not going to be “Lucky Logan” and is already preparing his next project for the big screen. The Director will undertake the production of a film about the outbreak in April of this year, the scandal that the world’s media have dubbed”
The Panama papers“. Exclusive
Deadline says that Soderberg may be in the Director’s chair for the project.

April 3 this year, the international consortium of investigative journalists published leaked from a Panamanian law firm

The seventh season of “Game of thrones” will be delayed

Fans of “Game of thrones” in anticipation of the seventh season will have to be patient. Will have to wait longer than usual next year the new series will not arrive in time to the usual April start.

The authors of the series
David Benioff and
D. B. Weiss revealed in an interview
UFC Unfilteredthat in 2017 they will delay the premiere: “we Have no hard reference to a specific date. Next year we’re probably a little late, because later on we will start filming. At the end of the

“Deadpool” will be ready in 2018?

Ryan Reynolds has published on its pages in
Instagram and
fan-made poster forDeadpool 2“. The American media saw the poster of the tiny numbers “2018” and suspected that the way the actor has announced the release of the sequel.

Information as the poster has no official status, but does not contradict the earlier statements by 20th Century Fox not to pull the filming of the continuation of one of the main greatest hits of the first half of 2016. Last month, the

Sigourney weaver believes in “Alien” by Neil Blomkamp

Sigourney weaver hopes to be on the set of “Alien 5
Neill Blomkamp, pushed on the shelf in favor of
Ridley Scott and his “Alien: the Covenant.” In an interview
Entertainment Weekly , the actress talked about the project encouraging things.

Weaver announced the project Blomkamp, as a departure from the Canon and chronological order of the franchise, breaking today
fourth “Alien”
Jean-Pierre Jeunet. “Imagine, “says the actress
the path of the series splits into two paths:

“Prometheus” killed “Alien 5”?

Neil Blomkamp announced via Twitter on the suspension of work on “Alien 5“. The Director of “District 9” “Elysium” and “the Robot named Chappy,” explained his decision by the fact that the Studio 20th Century Fox chose his project is the continuation of “Prometheus” by Ridley Scott.

Blomkamp confirmed the rumors circulating in the network since August: Ridley Scott hinders the development of “Alien 5” in favor of his sequel to “Prometheus” “Alien: Paradise Lost.” Said that the

The brothers Russo pereformuliruem of the cult “Warriors” in the series

New favorites
kynoselen Marvel brothers
Anthony and
Joe Russo will be distracted from the fights of superheroes to participate in the creation of the series “Warriors” (The Warriors) motivated
the cult action
Walter hill, the sources of the website

In the original 1979 self-titled band is selected from Bronx native Coney island after its members accused of murder “authority”. He gathered a gathering to unite all the new York organized crime, but was shot in the

Idris Elba this year will make directorial debut

Idris Elba tries his hand at directing. For its debut the actor has chosen the bestselling novels of Victor Headley “Yardi” (Yardie). The script adaptation was written
Brock Norman Brock (“Bronson”). Exclusive bears site
Screen Daily.

In London street slang “yardi” called gangs of young immigrants from Jamaica. The protagonist of the book, Hadley, nicknamed Dee, (D) works as a drug mule: moving cocaine from their island to England. At some point he decided that it was ripe for a

Colin Farrell was enrolled in the “justice League”?

New portion of rumors and verified facts about the colossus of kynoselen DC Comics and
Zack Snyder’sjustice League. Part I“. In the list of defendants the four actors:
Colin Farrell,
Mail, Heisman,
Julian Lewis Jones
John. K. Simmons.

Russian (!) Twitter channel
CutTheCrapTV published a photo of Pharrell and Heisman (daario naharis in “Game of thrones”), providing post such a remark:”
Yeah! These guys… Are in talks to participate in #JusticeLeague . Well, it’s a movie

Abbas Kiarostami: 1940-2016

Yesterday, July 4th, did not become prominent Iranian Director
Abbas Kiarostami is a Central figure of the Iranian “new wave” of award-winning Cannes and Venice film festivals, poet, painter and photographer. Less than two weeks ago Kiarostami has turned 76 years old.

Kiarostami has lived and worked in his native Iran, leaving the country even after the Islamic revolution of 1979. On account of his more than forty works. Among the most high-profile trilogy, “Coker” (“Where is the